South East Queensland Floods 2011 (Page 1)  
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South East Queensland Floods 2011

The 2011 floods in South East Queensland were devastating to the people and economy of Queensland, with lives lost and homes and infrastructure destroyed. As communities across Queensland rebuild their homes and businesses, the impact of the floods on the ecosystems that support commercial and recreational activities of the state are unknown. The flood has already had a short term impact on water quality in the River and Moreton Bay, and increased risks associated with human contact and shipping. This newsletter outlines the impacts and effects through a conceptual diagram developed by the Flood Science Taskforce. For further infomation, see the associated blog posts.


Author(s)Dennison WC, Udy J, Schneider P, Filet P
IAN Author(s)Bill Dennison
PublisherSEQ Healthy Waterways Partnership
Date Published2011-03-02
Moreton Bay
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