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Understanding Responses to Global Change

International collaborations for practical outcomes

The Tripartite Valorization Workshop was convened by the Belmont Forum and facilitated by the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science in Washington DC on 8-10 December 2018. It served as the-end term meeting for the Food Security and Land Use Change Collaborative Research Action (CRA), and mid-term meetings for the Arctic Observing and Science for Sustainability and Mountains as Sentinels of Change CRAs.

This Workshop report provides a brief overview of each project, identifies common themes that emerged, and provides recommendations for future Belmont Forum Projects.


IAN Author(s)Vanessa Vargas-Nguyen, Yesenia Valverde, Jane Hawkey, Bill Dennison, Heath Kelsey, Katie May Laumann, Sky Swanson
Date Published2019-11-06
ProjectBelmont Forum workshop facilitation, support, and communication
Number of Pages20
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