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University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science: History, Mission & Accomplishments

This newsletter is a summary of the history, mission and accomplishments of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES). This summary has been prepared to provide a sense of where we have come from, what we are doing and where we are going. It also serves to identify the collaborative role UMCES plays within the University System and the State of Maryland. UMCES history dates back to the establishment of the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory in 1925. Our missions are to conduct a comprehensive program on research, education and public service directed at natural resource issues, College Program, assist the development and coordination of multi-disciplinary environmental programs, conduct research on the watershed and coastal environments, resources and organisms, maintain liaison with the State on important regional environmental problems, prepare critical reviews and analyses, and apply UMCES resources to the needs of State agencies, and develop and promote environmental education throughout the State. Examples of policies based on UMCES scientific integration and application a) The multi-state Chesapeake Bay restoration goals for nutrient reduction and recovery of underwater grasses, b) management actions leading to rapid recovery of striped bass stocks, c) restoration of streams receiving acid mine drainage, d) reduction of agricultural runoff to reduce the risk of toxic Pfiesteria blooms, e) management steps to alleviate overfishing of blue crabs, and f) enhancing oyster habitat for the benefit of habitat restoration.


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Date Published2003-02-01
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