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Kris Beckert

Associate Pastor
Real Life Chapel



Alligator Reef growth limitation (GRAPHIC)

Bird stake installation (GRAPHIC)

Black salt marsh mosquito life cycle (GRAPHIC)

Carbon fixation by seagrass communities (GRAPHIC)

Cesspool seepage prior to improved wastewater treatment (GRAPHIC)

Change in seagrasses after bird stake installation (GRAPHIC)

Changes in seagrass in Johnson Key Basin (GRAPHIC)

Continental development (GRAPHIC)

Cross section of sampling well array (GRAPHIC)

Dominant mangrove species of south Florida (GRAPHIC)

Female lobster spawning migration (GRAPHIC)

Florida Bay hydrological conditions (GRAPHIC)

Goliath grouper population (Florida) (GRAPHIC)

Gulf Stream Schematic (GRAPHIC)

Healthy vs. biologically stressed coral reef ecosystem (GRAPHIC)

Healthy vs. eutrophic ecosystem (GRAPHIC)

Impact of phytoplankton community on food web structure (GRAPHIC)

Life cycle of the Caribbean spiny lobster (GRAPHIC)

Lobster nighttime foraging (GRAPHIC)

Mangrove conservation and restoration practices (PHOTO)

Mangrove ecological functions (PHOTO)

Mangrove forest wildlife (GRAPHIC)

Methods of data collection (GRAPHIC)

Model explaining seagrass die-off in Florida Bay (GRAPHIC)

Modern Wastewater Treatment (GRAPHIC)

Nutrient availability influences algae and seagrass location (GRAPHIC)

Primary productivity of seagrass beds (GRAPHIC)

Reduction of user conflicts in marine environments (GRAPHIC)

Relationship between plant size, nutrient requirement and growth rate (GRAPHIC)

Seagrass distribution (GRAPHIC)

Seagrass life history strategies (GRAPHIC)

Seagrass meadow food web (GRAPHIC)

Seagrass nutrient transport (GRAPHIC)

Simplified seagrass food web (GRAPHIC)

Sources of pollution to nearshore waters in the Florida Keys (GRAPHIC)

Sources, transport, and cycling of inorganic mercury and methylmercury to the marine environment (GRAPHIC)

South Florida adult habitat gradient (GRAPHIC)

South Florida current trajectories (PHOTO)

South Florida currents and eddies (PHOTO)

South Florida habitats (GRAPHIC)

South Florida historical vs. current flow regime (GRAPHIC)

South Florida marine animal development (GRAPHIC)

South Florida marine environment (PHOTO)

South Florida peninsula habitat (GRAPHIC)

South Florida tide (GRAPHIC)

South Florida water volume transport (GRAPHIC)

South Florida weather patterns (GRAPHIC)

Spiny lobsters are key component of south Florida marine ecosystem (GRAPHIC)

Structure of a coral polyp (GRAPHIC)

Virus tracer study (GRAPHIC)

Water quality monitoring (GRAPHIC)


Writer perusing work (SYMBOL)

Civil Engineering: mosquito ditches (SYMBOL)


Coral habitats (GRAPHIC)

Cubitainers filled with water samples (PHOTO)

Sampling in Johnson Bay (PHOTO)

Total Suspended Solids (PHOTO)

Total Suspended Solids (PHOTO)