Bill Dennison speech to Latornell conference, Ontario, Canada: Part 8 - Communicating Science Effectively poster

Bill Dennison ·
3 January 2011
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PART 8; Communicating Science Effectively poster

In real time, as the plenary talk was being delivered, Dr. Charlotte Young from Envision Synergy quietly recorded the seminar as a story board on a large colorful poster in the back of the room. Following the seminar, I was able to view her graphical interpretation of the talk. She had created some really interesting icons, like the various depictions of people, footsteps for a 5 step program, and key phrases and graphical elements from the talk. Combined with a title and subtitle, it was extremely easy to grasp the essential features of the seminar. It was such a good summary that I transferred the poster into the room where Ben Longstaff and I conducted a Science Communication workshop and used it to summarize the talk.

Storyboard detail
Storyboard created by Dr Charlotte Young (click for larger version)

Storyboard room
Storyboard on display during the IAN Science Communication Workshop.

This is the eighth and last post in a series about Bill Dennison's keynote address at the Latornell conference in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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