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Bill Dennison ·
10 May 2010
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IAN Press has added the capacity of electronic books, which enhances access to IAN publications. Electronic books provide an environmentally friendly format, reduce the cost to readers, avoid shipping costs and delays and avoid having books going out of print. Hard copy books are also available and there are various occasions when the hard copy books will be a preferred format. But ebooks will likely become the standard in the future, and IAN Press is proud to be adding this capacity. Initially they will be available in PDF format, with ePub to follow shortly.

IAN Press Add to Cart
IAN Press website showing purchase options, including print, electronic and buy by-the-section.

The development of technology with the capability of reading electronic books in full color on a large screen (e.g., Apple's new iPad) is very exciting for IAN Press. IAN Press is committed to producing inexpensive, content-rich science communication products and having a delivery mechanism that suits the IAN Press style is an important development. IAN Press uses color extensively for the visual elements that are integrated into the layout and design of the various communication products (books, booklets, newsletters, presentations, reports, posters, brochures, conceptual diagrams). Virtually every page of IAN science communication products has color elements. The juxtaposition of various conceptual diagrams, maps, graphs, tables, and photographs is an important feature in the IAN approach to science communication.

Book page spread
Double page spread of book showing key visual elements.

IAN has been developing science communication products for 8 years, but it is only with the advent of the generation of full color electronic book reader, represented by the Apple iPad, that the full capacity of IAN products could be appreciated electronically. IAN has been 'pre-adapted' to the color electronic book readers and technological innovations are going to enhance the IAN reading experience. The latest generation of smart phones also offer full color reading opportunities, but the screen size limits the power of the color graphics and invariably loses the juxtaposition of graphics and text.

IAN Press books are designed to facilitate a non-linear reading experience, with self-contained sections that invite readers to scan titles and graphics and dive into various sections that grab their interest. IAN Press products contain a wide diversity of content-rich topics and electronic readers offer the advantage of searchable terms so readers can quickly access various topics.

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