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Jamie's Australian Adventures

Jamie Currie ·
21 October 2019
Australian cities and waterways | 

The tires squeaked as the airplane touched down. A few … minutes later, I stepped out into steaming air on the far side of the world. Even in the middle of winter, Brisbane can feel almost tropical. Heat shimmered … on the tarmac in the morning light. Flocks of lorikeets flashed yellow, red and … green as they raced each other through the treetops. In the distance, Moreton … bay glinted deep orange, reflecting the hazy outline of the rising sun. Brisbane Skyline.

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The Brisbane skyline, as seen from our hotel balcony. Image credit: James Currie

Exploring "Down Under"

Jamie Currie ·
7 June 2018
Science Communication | Learning Science | Australian cities and waterways | 

The Brisbane skyline, as seen from our hotel balcony. Image credit: James Currie … I recently had the opportunity to travel with Dr. Bill Dennison to Brisbane, Australia. We planned to conduct a variety of interviews with scientists, stakeholders, and policymakers on the Healthy Waterways Project. It was to be my first time ‘down under,’ and I was excited to glimpse the southern hemisphere. When we arrived, the first thing that struck me was the heat.

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At the foot of the World Trade Center. Image credit James Currie

Billion Oyster Conference and New York City Part 2: Shifting Baselines in America

Jamie Currie ·
31 August 2017
Science Communication | 

In late June, I accompanied Dr. Judy O’Neil into New York City for the Billion Oyster Project’s annual symposium. Before attending the conference, which I wrote about in another blog, I spent part of an afternoon exploring Manhattan. I spent most of my time wandering past the 9/11 memorials and new buildings. I ate cheap (but shockingly good) pizza, visited Wall Street, and even took the time to write a quick note to myself: At the foot of the World Trade Center.

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The view of the One World Trade Center from the front door of our hotel. Image credit James Currie

The Billion Oyster Conference and New York City: Part 1

Jamie Currie ·
27 July 2017
Science Communication | Learning Science | 

Several weeks ago, I attended a symposium for the Billion Oyster Project with Dr. Judy O’Neil. This marked my first time in New York City and my first oyster conference. On the day of the symposium, Judy and I walked to the ferry terminal, located in the Battery Maritime Building. My first thought was how pungently it smelled like a city. I grew up in the country, so I’m used to the earthy scent of woods and fields.

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