Peter Oliver sings 'The Water Waltz'

Bill Dennison ·
30 April 2014
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I visited the late Peter Oliver (1957-2012) following his retirement lecture in Brisbane, Australia in August 2012. I stayed with Peter and his wife Ann in their home in Maleny and when Peter was feeling well enough, we would work together on our book 'Dancing with Dugongs: Having fun and developing a practical environmental philosophy for teaching and research'. One afternoon, Peter was at the kitchen table and we were talking about a song that we had collaborated on, which we called 'The Water Waltz'. Peter felt inspired and asked me to go fetch his guitar. After a bit of fooling around, he sang the song which I recorded on my iPad using the iPro Recorder app. So this version of 'The Water Waltz' was not recorded with any fancy recording equipment in a recording studio, but this is my friend Peter strumming his guitar in his kitchen and providing a toned down version of this song, befitting his reflective and somber mood.

The Water Waltz

I bid farewell to Peter on the following day, and he limped out to the driveway to see me off, giving me a big hug and we were both in tears, as we knew this was really "Goodbye". Peter died a few months later, so I will always treasure 'The Water Waltz', sitting at Peter's kitchen table, sharing laughs and tears with this remarkable man.

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