Mountains as Sentinels of Change: Summary from Belmont Forum

Katie May Laumann ·
1 February 2019

Belmont Forum participants worked together to create a sketch (top) for a conceptual diagram that represented 'Mountains as Sentinels of Change'. The finalized diagram (bottom) will be featured in the upcoming synthesis publication. Figure credit: Yesenia Valverde. Mountain regions are ecologically important worldwide. They are home to incredible biodiversity, providing critical habitat for many species. They also provide critical resources to people.

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Arctic Observing and Science for Sustainability Summary from Belmont Forum

Bill Dennison ·
17 January 2019
Science Communication | Learning Science | 

The Arctic Ocean, its surrounding land masses, and the people and animals that depend on arctic ecosystems are changing rapidly. Global climate change is particularly acute in the arctic, with large scale biophysical changes evident, leading to ecological and social impacts. One of the Collaborative Research Actions (CRA) initiatives by the Belmont Forum is addressing the changing arctic.

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Food Security and Land Use Change.

Facilitating a Belmont Forum workshop in Washington D.C.

Bill Dennison ·
3 January 2019
Science Communication | 

The Integration and Application Network (IAN) teamed up with the Belmont Forum for a synthesis workshop on 8-10 Dec 2018 in Washington, D.C. IAN staff facilitated the workshop, which Belmont Forum calls a "valorization workshop" with three groups of projects, identified by the Belmont Forum as Collaborative Research Actions (CRAs). The three CRAs were 1) "Food security and land use change", 2) "Arctic observing and science for sustainability", 3) "Mountains as sentinels of change".

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Alexandra Fries with the four Belmont Forum Banners.

The Belmont Forum goes to Brazil

Alexandra Fries ·
1 December 2017
Science Communication |     1 comments

I recently traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil to help facilitate the Belmont Forum Plenary Meetings Week, November 6-10, 2017. The Belmont Forum is a group of funders that support international transdisciplinary research. This research provides knowledge for understanding, mitigating, and adapting to global environmental change. Prior to the meetings, IAN staff created materials for the event, including the agenda, a booklet, presentation templates, videos, a song, and banners.

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Sao Paulo's highest peak Jaraguá Peak. Image credit here

Bill's Belmont Forum Song

Bill Dennison ·
13 November 2017

During the week of November 6th, Alexandra Fries traveled to São Paulo, Brazil to support our Belmont Forum colleagues while most of the rest of Integration and Application Network traveled to Rhode Island for the Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation Conference (CERF). In preparation for her trip, we wrote a song that she could use at the Belmont Forum workshop.

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