The Bird's Head Seascape in West Papua

Jane Thomas ·
27 August 2009
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Jane Thomas from IAN has been working with The Nature Conservancy this week in Bali. Together with Conservation International and World Wildlife Fund, TNC has been working with the Indonesian government to plan and establish multiple Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Bird's Head/Raja Ampat region of Indonesia's West Papua province.

This region is in the heart of the Coral Triangle, which is the center of the highest coral diversity in the world. Surveys around Raja Ampat show that this area has the highest marine biodiversity on earth.

IAN has been working with TNC to develop a series of conceptual diagrams depicting the benefits of MPAs for the reefs and wildlife, and the communities that depend on them for sustenance and livelihood. The major threats to the Bird's Head/Raja Ampat region are unsustainable fishing (including longlines, shark finning, dynamite and cyanide fishing), logging (causing erosion), and mining.

Here is the latest draft of one of our diagrams, showing sustainable versus unsustainable practices.

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  • francis pantus 12 years ago

    Very nice contrast-presentation, Jane! The narrative-type of legend is an excellent idea as well.

    A/Prof Francis Pantus
    Griffith University
    Australian Rivers Institute

  • Steve Fuller 10 years ago

    Nicely done, Jane. I have been looking for an instructional diagram to help explain to students sustainable development, and you have done a superb job in both the narrative and diagram.

    Steve Fuller
    Chairman Crystal Lake Environmental Advisory Committee.

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