The people of the Gulf of Kachchh

Bill Dennison ·
3 October 2013
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We were impressed with the industrious people in the region surrounding the Gulf of Kachchh. The Gulf of Kachchh is a major economic driver for India, importing and refining oil, and producing fertilizer, food and salt. The rich natural and cultural resources were considerable. The abundant bird life, wildlife, mangroves, corals and fisheries are examples of the rich natural resources. Corn, cotton and other crops are grown in the region, and the region is also known for its dairy products. In addition, people were proud that Gujarat was the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, naming their planned capitol city after him and ascribing to his ascetic lifestyle, including supporting an alcohol-free (dry) state.

Shore of the Gulf of Kachchh
Heath Kelsey, Jane Hawkey and Bill Dennison standing on the shore of the Gulf of Kachchh.

The Gulf of Kachchh is sometimes spelled in its phonetic form: Gulf of Kutch. At the conclusion of the Cumulative Assessment workshop, I produced the following poem, in which I used the phonetic spelling:


The Gulf of Kutch

We have come together to discuss the Gulf of Kutch

Formulating report cards and cumulative assessments

In this dry monsoonal climate and dry Gujarat state

We have been able to learn so very much


With visits to the sanctuary and marine park in the Gulf of Kutch

We learned about big tides, big refineries, and big problems

And the diverse biota, diverse issues, and diverse approaches

And now we will synthesize our knowledge, as such


A report card and cumulative assessment for the Gulf of Kutch

Is our ultimate goal in the coming weeks and months

And we will need all of your input to make it work

So we hope that you can help by staying in touch


This is an amazing place, the Gulf of Kutch

And you have been generous hosts throughout

Thank you for your time and energy and thoughts

We will always remember our introduction to the Gulf of Kutch.

Assessment Group shot
Participants from the cumulative assessment workshop in Gandhinagar, India.

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