Climate Change Resilience Index

Climate Change Resilience Index

Our goal is to develop a suite of indicators that will reflect resource resilience to impacts related to sea level rise, increased water temperature, changed precipitation patterns, and increased storm intensity and frequency. The suite of indicators will be integrated into the Chesapeake Bay Report Card. We estimate that this process will be achieved over a two-year period and will be an important evolution in the Chesapeake Bay Report Card, and for environmental reporting globally. One key objective is to develop a suite of indicators that will: i) reflect natural resource resilience to climate change impacts in Chesapeake Bay; ii) assist natural resource managers in ensuring the sustainable future of Chesapeake Bay; and iii) increasing awareness of potential climate change impacts to the natural resources and stakeholders of Chesapeake Bay and increasing awareness of measures to reduce these impacts.


Key Personnel

Bill Dennison
UMCES Interim President
Heath Kelsey
IAN Director
Caroline Donovan
Program Manager
Alexandra Fries
Program Manager
Suzanne Webster
Graduate Student

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  • Start: 2013-10-01
  • Finish: 2015-04-01
  • Duration: 1 year, 6 months


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