Ecosystem Based Management

Ecosystem Based Management

For this project, IAN staff collaborated with the authors of a UNEP publication, "Taking Steps toward Marine and Coastal Ecosystem-Based Management - An Introductory Guide." Our role was to produce several key conceptual diagrams for the publication: to help define the five core elements of Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM), it's geographic scope, and to illustrate how planning with an ecosystem perspective works.


Key Personnel

Tracey Saxby
Project Manager
Bill Dennison
Vice President for Science Application
Ken Barton
Program Manager

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Inputs: nutrients, toxins, sediment (SYMBOL)

Inputs: toxics (SYMBOL)

Suburban: rancher 2 (SYMBOL)

Urban: apartment building 1 (SYMBOL)

Urban: apartment building 2 (SYMBOL)

Urban: apartment building 3 (SYMBOL)


Generic shrub: tropical (SYMBOL)

Generic tree: rainforest 3 (SYMBOL)

Urban: city 1 (SYMBOL)

Banana tree 1 (SYMBOL)

Generic shrub: temperate (SYMBOL)

Business: planning meeting (SYMBOL)

Teacher (SYMBOL)

Business colleagues (SYMBOL)

Hospitality: flight attendant (SYMBOL)

Restoration: boy with shovel (SYMBOL)

Restoration: girl planting tree (SYMBOL)

Restoration: man planting tree (SYMBOL)

Restoration: planting trees (SYMBOL)

Coastline 2D: nearshore reef (SYMBOL)

Freight: port crane 1 (SYMBOL)

Freight: cargo ship 1 (SYMBOL)

Freight: port 1 (SYMBOL)

Watershed 3D: river mouth, continental islands, and reef (SYMBOL)

Watershed 3D: river mouth, continental islands, and reef-2 (SYMBOL)

Light availability (SYMBOL)

Purse Seine (SYMBOL)

Avicennia germinans (Black Mangrove) : dead (SYMBOL)

Avicennia germinans (Black Mangrove) : stress (SYMBOL)

Estuary 3D: River Mouth Triptych (SYMBOL)

Estuary 3D: Sea-level rise diptych (SYMBOL)

Fish school-2 (SYMBOL)

Fish school-3 (SYMBOL)

Estuary 3D: braided river mouth (SYMBOL)

Ammodytes dubius (Northern Sand Lance) (SYMBOL)

Benthic Otter Trawl (SYMBOL)

Benthic Trawler (SYMBOL)

Benthic Trawling (SYMBOL)

Megaptera novaeangliae (Humpback Whale) 1 (SYMBOL)

Megaptera novaeangliae (Humpback Whale) 2 (SYMBOL)

Water: drinking water treatment plant 1 (SYMBOL)

Water: sewage treatment plant: primary (SYMBOL)

Water: sewage treatment plant: tertiary (SYMBOL)

Energy: wind turbine 1 (SYMBOL)

Seagrass meadow (SYMBOL)

Watershed 3D: river mouth, mudflat, beach, and rocky headlands (SYMBOL)

Pocillopora meandrina (Cauliflower Coral) (SYMBOL)

Field: harvesting (SYMBOL)

Field: winter crop (SYMBOL)

Fishing village (Indonesia) (SYMBOL)

Sea anemone 2 (SYMBOL)


Kayaking: recreational (SYMBOL)

Surf Fishing (SYMBOL)

Apolemichthy trimaculatus (Flagfin Angelfish) (SYMBOL)

Octocoral (Octocorallia) (SYMBOL)

Rhinecanthus rectangulus (Wedge-tail Triggerfish) (SYMBOL)

Maize/corn crop (SYMBOL)

Thunnus albacares (Yellowfin Tuna) (SYMBOL)

Bolbometopon muricatum (Green Humphead Parrotfish) (SYMBOL)


Avicennia germinans (Black Mangrove) (SYMBOL)

Miconia calvescens (Bush Currant) (SYMBOL)

Pritchardia minor (Loulu Palm) (SYMBOL)


Landfill (SYMBOL)

Halophila ovata (SYMBOL)

Acropora cervicornis (Staghorn Coral) (SYMBOL)

Acropora palmata (Elkhorn Coral) 2 (SYMBOL)

Caretta caretta (Loggerhead Turtle) (SYMBOL)

Rhizophora mangle (Red Mangrove) (SYMBOL)


Carcharhinus melanopterus (Blacktip Reef Shark) (SYMBOL)

Taro plantation (SYMBOL)


Plate coral 1 (SYMBOL)

Platygyra spp. (Brain Coral) (SYMBOL)

Sphyrna spp. (Hammerhead Shark) (SYMBOL)

Net fishers (SYMBOL)


Low clouds: Stratus 1 (SYMBOL)

Chaetomorpha spp (SYMBOL)

Cryptopleura ramosa (SYMBOL)

Gracilaria spp. 1 (SYMBOL)

Tubastrea spp. 1 (Sun Coral) (SYMBOL)

Tubastrea spp. 2 (Sun Coral) (SYMBOL)


Manta birostris (Manta Ray) (SYMBOL)

Sailboat 1 (SYMBOL)

Rhinoptera bonasus (Cownose Ray) (SYMBOL)

Sea squirt (SYMBOL)

Brain coral (Faviidae) 1 (SYMBOL)

Lobophyllia spp. (Brain Coral) (SYMBOL)

Montastrea spp. (Brain Coral) (SYMBOL)


Rock Lobster (SYMBOL)

Amphiprion spp. (Clownfish) (SYMBOL)

Inputs: nutrients 1 (SYMBOL)


Jellyfish (SYMBOL)


Scuba diver (SYMBOL)


  • Start: 2011-03-17
  • Finish: 2011-05-19
  • Duration: 2 months