USA-Australia Virtual Environmental Partnership

2013-03-01 — 2015-12-31

The primary goal of the project is to educate and inform responsible stewardship of water resources between U.S. and Australian students through an interactive- virtual partnership. Our vision and motivation is to build an environmental education platform capable of implementing a robust and long-term cyber education program based on state of the art science with a global perspective.

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Report Card for Chilika Lake

2013-02-01 — 2013-12-31

The World Bank-funded Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Project serves to assist the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India, in building national capacity for implementation of a comprehensive coastal management approach, and piloting the integrated coastal zone management approach in the States of Gujarat, Odisha, and West Bengal, all with long coastlines and unique biodiversity conditions. Each State has a designated State Project Management Unit (SPMU).

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Identifying nitrogen sources in the Choptank River

2013-01-01 — 2013-12-31

The Choptank River always scores poorly in the Chesapeake Bay Report Card in terms of water quality and biotic integrity, with evidence that nutrient inputs (particularly nitrogen) are primarily responsible for degraded water quality. This has prompted the requirement for a monitoring approach that can distinguish the distribution and impacts of these various sources of nitrogen.

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Vision for Marismas Nacionales

2013-01-01 — 2013-01-31

Forest Trends (FT) is a Washington D.C.-based international non‐profit organization whose mission is four‐fold: to expand the value of forests to society; to promote sustainable forest management and conservation by creating and capturing market values for ecosystem services; to support innovative projects and companies that are developing these markets; and to enhance the livelihoods of local communities living in and around those forests.

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Hurricane Sandy Report

2012-12-01 — 2012-12-31

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation established a Hurricane Sandy Wildlife Response Fund to conduct a rapid assessment of the ecological impacts of Hurricane Sandy from North Carolina to Rhode Island, with emphasis on habitats and associated wildlife.

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MDE Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan

2012-10-01 — 2013-09-30

In 2009, Governor Martin O’Malley and Maryland’s General Assembly charged the State with developing a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan that will reduce greenhouse gases 25 percent by the year 2020. Working closely with staff at Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE), IAN's first task was to produce a 14-page executive summary to provide an overview of Maryland’s Plan…

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Shenandoah National Park Natural Resource Condition Assessment

2012-09-01 — 2014-11-30

The National Park Service is carrying out assessments of the natural resource condition (NRCA) for nearly 300 of the National Parks throughout the country deemed to have significant natural resources. This project, to assess condition of Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, is a synthesis project aimed at collating and synthesizing all available data to assess current status and trend for key indicators, combining these into an overall framework.

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Old Woman Creek Report Card

2012-04-02 — 2014-03-31

The primary objective of this project is to collate data, review indicators, and synthesize both to effectively report the health of Old Woman Creek in north-central Ohio. Old Woman Creek, on the south-central shore of Lake Erie, is one of Ohio’s few remaining examples of a natural estuary and is designated as a National Estuarine Research Reserve and a Ohio State Nature Preserve.

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