Training Federal Agencies in Ecosystem-Based Management

Training Federal Agencies in Ecosystem-Based Management

Federal agencies are uniquely positioned to address the large-scale issues facing our ecosystems. For this reason, IAN and the Packard Foundation collaborate to develop training in ecosystem-based management. Successful ecosystem-based management requires clear objectives, coordinated implementation, and effective communication of conditions and adaptations. This training provides agency staff with the tools they need to develop and initiate ecosystem-based management programs.

Additionally, two conceptual framework newsletters and a poster were produced by IAN staff as part of Packard Foundation's site locations in Palau and Morro Bay, CA.


Key Personnel

Jane Thomas
Science Communicator
Jane Hawkey
Senior Science Communicator
Joanna Woerner
Web and Social Media Analyst


  • Start: 2008-10-08
  • Finish: 2009-10-07
  • Duration: 11 months


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