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Morro Bay: working together for a healthy ecosystem

Morro Bay, on the central California coast, was the site of a workshop to develop a conceptual framework for an ecosystem-based management initiative. IAN staff worked with Morro Bay scientists, resource managers, and stakeholders to develop conceptual diagrams for Morro Bay, offshore Estero Bay and the Morro Bay watershed. These diagrams examined key features, threats, and management objectives of the Morro Bay ecosystem. This science poster is among a suite of science communication products that were generated: conceptual diagrams, a newsletter, and visual materials for the web. The Morro Bay regional initiative is the first of three Packard Foundation sites (Palau and Sea of Cortez) that IAN staff will partner with to produce conceptual frameworks.


IAN Author(s)Bill Dennison, Jane Hawkey
Date Published2007-05-21
ProjectTraining Federal Agencies in Ecosystem-Based Management
Location(s)Morro Bay
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