Great Barrier Reef Report Card Summary - 2009 Baseline (Page 1)  
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Great Barrier Reef Report Card Summary - 2009 Baseline

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest and best-known coral reef ecosystem in the world. This first report card provides an estimate of the status of the key indicators for the period preceding 2009. It is based on historical data and trends and takes into account the influence of a variable climate from year to year. This serves as a baseline that will be used as a point of comparison to measure progress towards Reef Plan goals and targets. This report card presents results up to 2009 and therefore does not include the effects of Cyclone Yasi and the more recent flood events which will be presented in subsequent reports. For additional details on the GBR report card, see the regional summaries and technical report documents. Also, see the Reef Plan Report Card website.


IAN Author(s)Bill Dennison, Heath Kelsey, Jane Thomas, Melissa Andreychek
PublisherReef Water Quality Protection Plan Secretariat
Date Published2011-08-12
TypeReport Card
Great Barrier Reef Report Card
Location(s)Great Barrier Reef
Number of Pages4
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