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Monocacy National Battlefield Natural Resource Condition Assessment

Habitats within Monocacy National Battlefield were defined as being either managed for natural resource values or managed for agricultural values. A habitat map was created and desired/degraded conditions were defined for each habitat. Metrics were then assigned to these habitat types, compared to established thresholds, leading to the condition assessment of each habitat. Habitats in Monocacy National Battlefield are in good condition overall. Habitats managed for natural resources are in fair condition. Habitats managed for agricultural values were in very good condition overall. Download the PDF or purchase a hard copy from Lulu.


Author(s)Thomas JE, Banasik A, Campbell JP, Carruthers TJB, Dennison WC, Lehman M and Nortrup M
IAN Author(s)Jane Thomas, Tim Carruthers, Bill Dennison
Date Published2011-07-05
ANTI-MONO-MANA Natural Resource Condition Assessments
National Capital Region science communication products
Location(s)Monocacy National Battlefield Park
Number of Pages148
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