Shifting Sands: Environmental and cultural change in Maryland's Coastal Bays

Referring to both the dynamic nature of the barrier islands forming the coastal lagoons of Maryland’s Atlantic Ocean coastline and also the changing cultural landscape, Shifting Sands is a richly illustrated, multi-authored introduction to Assawoman Bay, Isle of Wight Bay, St. Martin River, Sinepuxent Bay, Newport Bay, and Chincoteague Bay. This book leads the reader on a voyage of discovery, providing a user-friendly guide to the history, setting, context, and ecology of these waterways nestled behind Assateague, Fenwick, and Chincoteague Islands. Photographs, conceptual diagrams, maps, and graphs are used to showcase the key features of and major threats to these magnificent bays, watersheds, and islands, with recommendations for how to preserve them for future generations.


Author(s)William C. Dennison, Jane E. Thomas, Carol J. Cain, Tim J.B. Carruthers, Matthew R. Hall, Roman V. Jesien, Catherine E. Wazniak, & David E. Wilson
IAN Author(s)Bill Dennison, Jane Thomas, Tim Carruthers
Date Published2009-06-08
ProjectMaryland Coastal Bays Science Communication Products and Report Cards
Location(s)Maryland Coastal Bays
Number of Pages418
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