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Upper Mississippi River Conference 2016 Action Agenda

On Oct. 13–14, 2016, River Action, in association with the Upper Mississippi River Basin Association, hosted the ninth annual Upper Mississippi River Conference, entitled “Raise the Grade,” in Moline, Illinois. The conference brought together over 200 participants from 95 organizations to develop solutions to overcome the many challenges identified in the 2015 America’s Watershed Initiative (AWI) Report Card for the Mississippi River watershed.

The major achievement of the 2016 UMR Conference was in bringing different river stakeholders together to open dialog and discuss issues across sectors to develop the Action Agenda to improve conditions in the Upper Mississippi River Basin. This Action Agenda will serve as the basis for maintaining communications across sectors and approaching strategies for “Raising the Grade” through multi-sector education and outreach. An updated report on the Action Agenda will be given at successive conferences, starting in 2017.


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