Reflecting on water monitoring and citizen science at the Maryland Water Monitoring Council conference

Suzanne Webster ·
9 December 2019

On December 6th, I attended the Maryland … Water Monitoring Council conference at the Maritime Conference … Center in Linthicum, Maryland. I have attended this conference for the last few … years and I always enjoy the opportunity to network with local scientists, environmental management professionals, educators, and others, and learn about … the latest and greatest monitoring and restoration efforts that are going on … across the state.

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Hunting for Harmful Algal Blooms (Video)

Max Hermanson ·
25 October 2019
Learning Science | 

Over the summer I had the good fortune of accompanying Judy O'Neil and a score of other scientists on a two-day research cruise off the coast of Ocean City and Assateague Island. The purpose of the cruise was to gather data on offshore harmful algal blooms (HABs), whose appearances are becoming more frequent with increasing global temperatures and excess nutrient runoff.

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Jamie's Australian Adventures

Jamie Currie ·
21 October 2019
Australian cities and waterways | 

The tires squeaked as the airplane touched down. A few … minutes later, I stepped out into steaming air on the far side of the world. Even in the middle of winter, Brisbane can feel almost tropical. Heat shimmered … on the tarmac in the morning light. Flocks of lorikeets flashed yellow, red and … green as they raced each other through the treetops. In the distance, Moreton … bay glinted deep orange, reflecting the hazy outline of the rising sun. Brisbane Skyline.

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