Jamie's Australian Adventures

Jamie Currie ·
21 October 2019
Australian cities and waterways | 

The tires squeaked as the airplane touched down. A few … minutes later, I stepped out into steaming air on the far side of the world. Even in the middle of winter, Brisbane can feel almost tropical. Heat shimmered … on the tarmac in the morning light. Flocks of lorikeets flashed yellow, red and … green as they raced each other through the treetops. In the distance, Moreton … bay glinted deep orange, reflecting the hazy outline of the rising sun. Brisbane Skyline.

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Capturing Nature on the Job

Nathan Miller ·
20 June 2019
Science Communication | 

While camera phones are becoming more sophisticated with each successive generation - with increasing resolution, wider color gamut, and better depth of field - they still cannot match the image quality captured from the sensor of a DSLR (or the mirrorless cameras entering the market).

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All about the Bay: Exploring history, heritage, and habitat at the Chesapeake Studies conference

Suzanne Webster ·
13 June 2019
Science Communication | Applying Science | 

Earlier this month, several IAN team members attended the first annual Chesapeake Studies conference. This multidisciplinary conference was hosted at Salisbury University from June 5th to 7th, and was focused on the scholarly study of the Chesapeake region. It was an excellent opportunity for us to meet other Chesapeake Bay researchers, and to showcase some of IAN’s approaches for learning more about the Bay, engaging Bay stakeholders, and communicating Bay science.

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UMCES Researchers Win Coveted Cozzarelli Prize for SAV Research in Chesapeake Bay

Katie May Laumann ·
6 June 2019
Science Communication | Applying Science | 

The Cozzarelli Prize, a prestigious award recognizing excellence in scientific research, was awarded to UMCES very own Bill Dennison, Rebecca Murphy, and Jeremy Testa, lead author Jon Lefcheck (Smithsonian Environmental Research Center), and their co-authors (listed below) for their study of human impacts on underwater grasses in the Chesapeake Bay. The prize recognizes 6 papers, selected by the editorial board of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , each year.

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Developing the Western Lake Erie report card in Toledo, Ohio

Bill Dennison ·
23 May 2019
Environmental Report Cards | Science Communication | 

Andrew Elmore and I traveled to Toledo, Ohio to facilitate a workshop focused on indicators and thresholds for the Western Lake Erie report card project. The workshop was held on 24-25 April 2019 in the Lake Erie Center, a beautiful facility run by the University of Toledo. Sandy Bihn, the Lake Erie Riverkeeper, was our sponsor and Tom Bridgeman, University of Toledo was our host. Prior to the workshop, Andrew and I drove around the Maumee River mouth to get a feel for the region.

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Teaching and Learning with Technology

Suzanne Webster ·
16 May 2019

This is the third and … final blog in a short series of posts reflecting on professional development … workshops that I recently attended at the University of Maryland Teaching & Learning Transformation Center (TLTC). In this blog, I will reflect on two … workshops that I attended over the past few months, which both focused on … different aspects of teaching with technology.

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The Second Verde River Report Card Workshop

Andrew Elmore ·
9 May 2019
Environmental Literacy | Environmental Report Cards | Science Communication | 

The Verde River flows through north-central Arizona and is a … primary water source for Phoenix. As it works its way down from its headwaters … in the Big and Little Chino Basins, the Verde provides excellent habitat for a … wide array of plants and animals. Water from the river also supports … small-scale agriculture, well-watered lawns, and accessible groundwater for … communities.

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