Group photo of the COAST Card team at Sideling Hill.

An Adventure Along the Potomac

Anna Calderón and Lawren Caldwell ·
8 July 2022

After attending the planning meeting for a community-engagement open house at Hood College, we set out on an adventure throughout the Upper Potomac. Traveling along the river, we visited several idyllic locations that play significant roles in the watershed’s ecosystem and function.

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The cover of the 2021 Chesapeake Bay Report Card.

Your Not-So-Average "C+" 2021 Chesapeake & Watershed Report Card

Pheej Lauj (Pheng Lor) ·
14 June 2022
Environmental Report Cards | 

The 2021 Chesapeake & Watershed Report Card highlights unique findings in water and ecosystem quality compared to previous years. This year’s report stresses the importance of expanding how we make sense of the overall bay and watershed health as we start to look at economic and environmental justice indicators, such as: income inequality, housing affordability, social vulnerability to hazardous events, and walkability to parks.

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A tall white marble and brown brick building that is the  Patricia R. Guerrieri Academic Learning Commons Building, where the Chesapeake Studies Conference was held.

Solving "Wicked Problems" at the Chesapeake Studies Conference

Anna Calderón and Nick An ·
10 June 2022

This past week, on June 1st and 2nd, we had the pleasure of attending the Chesapeake Studies Conference put on by Salisbury University. Although the conference itself was small, with many of the speakers and attendees having known each other for quite some time, newcomers like us were met with open arms by this tight-knit Chesapeake scholar community.

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Bringing Communities Together Through Water: The Start of Socio-Environmental Report Cards for the Southeast Michigan region

Lorena Villanueva-Almanza ·
30 November 2021
Environmental Report Cards | 

The last of three virtual workshop sessions for the development of individual and regional socio-environmental report cards for the Detroit, Clinton, Huron, Rouge, and Raisin rivers in Michigan concluded on November 16, 2021. The main goal of these sessions was to work with stakeholders to identify indicators that reflect the social, cultural, economic, and environmental values of the Southeast Michigan region.

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