IAN Science Communication Courses

2005-01-01 —

A keystone of the Integration and Application Network is effectively communicating science to a broad audience. This one- to three-day course provides participants with a science communication toolbox for effectively communicating their data.

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IAN Symbol Libraries

2002-11-01 —

The free downloadable symbol libraries provide users with symbols crafted by IAN science communicators for use in constructing conceptual diagrams. This project involves creating news symbols and getting them uploaded to our searchable media library.

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Production of an Ecosystem Based Management Game

2002-09-09 — 2008-10-23

In collaboration with SeaWeb, IAN staff designed and produced the interactive board game "TRADE-OFF!" that explores stakeholder perspectives in ecosystem-based management. In the game, players assume stakeholders' roles and negotiate the placement of different human activities in a natural environment.

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Maryland Coastal Bays Science Communication Products and Report Cards

2002-07-01 —

Maryland's Coastal Bays, the shallow lagoons nestled behind Ocean City and Assateague, comprise a complex ecosystem. These estuarine bays, at the interface between fresh and saltwater, provide habitat for a wide range of aquatic life. But like many coastal systems, they face threats from intense development, nutrients, sediments, and other stresses associated with human activities.

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