PRWI-GWMP-WOTR-NACE Natural Resource Condition Assessments

PRWI-GWMP-WOTR-NACE Natural Resource Condition Assessments

The National Park Service is carrying out assessments of the natural resource condition (NRCA) for nearly 300 of the National Parks throughout the country deemed to have significant natural resources. This project, to assess condition of Prince William Forest Park, George Washington Memorial Parkway, Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts, and National Capital Parks-East in the National Capital Region, is a synthesis project aimed at collating and synthesizing all available data to assess current status and trend for each metric, combining these into an overall framework. The focus of this study has been to develop a habitat based framework to assess natural resource condition.


Key Personnel

Simon Costanzo
Science Integrator
Bill Dennison
UMCES Interim President
Jane Thomas
Science Communicator
Brianne Walsh
Senior Science Communicator


  • Start: 2013-03-01
  • Finish: 2016-03-31
  • Duration: 3 years