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Mississippi River Watershed Report Card

The Report Card measured six broad goals for America's Watershed - Ecosystems, Flood Control & Risk Reduction, Transportation, Water Supply, Economy, and Recreation. The Report Card Measures how well we are currently meeting each one of these goals, using real data and relevant information that was identified by experts in these fields. Over time, as we adapt our management strategies for the Mississippi River Watershed, the Report Card can track progress in achieving objectives. Report Card results will help develop a roadmap for collaborative actions to improve 31-state Mississippi River Watershed and encourage people and organizations to engage in issues that affect it.


IAN Author(s)Bill Dennison, Jane Thomas, Caroline Donovan, Jane Hawkey, Heath Kelsey, Bill Nuttle, Brianne Walsh
Date Published2015-10-14
TypeReport Card
ProjectDevelopment of the Mississippi River Watershed Report Card
Location(s)Mississippi River
Number of Pages8
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