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Texas Coast Ecosystem Health Report Card 2019 (Page 1)

Texas Coast Ecosystem Health Report Card 2019

Jamie Currie, Heath Kelsey, Emily Nastase ·
29 May 2019

IAN staff and HRI scientists collaborated in a series of workshops in 2016 and 2018 to produce the 2019 Texas Coast Ecosystem Health Report Card. This report card uses 13 biotic and 2 abiotic indicators to determine the overall condition of the Texas coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The coastline scored a B- (80%) overall, indicating moderately good ecosystem health. The report card breaks its indicators into five different categories: water quality, fisheries, birds, oysters and seagrasses.

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2017 Chesapeake Bay Report Card (Page 1)

2017 Chesapeake Bay Report Card

Dylan Taillie, Alexandra Fries, Jamie Currie, Bill Dennison, Heath Kelsey, Jason Howard, Emily Nastase ·
15 June 2018

In past report card years, specific regions throughout Chesapeake Bay have shown improving trends, but this is the first year that the overall Chesapeake Bay is showing significant improvement. Overall Chesapeake Bay Health Scores have been variable in the past. However, since 2015, Chesapeake Bay Health Scores have consistently been in the high C range (53, 54, 54). These consecutive high scores have contributed to an overall positive trajectory for the first time.

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Practitioner's Guide to Developing River Basin Report Cards

Costanzo S, Blancard C, Davidson S, Dennison W, Escurra J, Freeman S, Fries A, Krchnak K, Sherman J, Thieme M, Vargas-Nguyen V ·
17 September 2017

Developed in partner with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as part of the Healthy Rivers for All initiative, the Practitioner's Guide to Developing Basin Report cards is a reference and resource for the user– government or non-profit employees, development officials, basin managers, private sector representatives, community organizers, academics, journalists, and any and all interested in the health and future of freshwater resources.

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Researchers and stakeholders address coastal vulnerability and freshwater security (Page 1)

Researchers and stakeholders address coastal vulnerability and freshwater security

Bill Dennison, Heath Kelsey, Vanessa Vargas-Nguyen, Emily Nastase, Jamie Currie ·
3 April 2017

The Belmont Forum is a consortium of research funders that have targeted funds toward research that actively integrates stakeholders into a co-design/co-development process with researchers. It is committed to fostering solutions to global sustainability challenges through innovative transdisciplinary research.

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