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Building Coral Reefs - A Decadal Grand Challenge (Page 1)

Building Coral Reefs - A Decadal Grand Challenge

ICRS Science to Policy Paper 2021

Knowlton N, Grottoli AG, Kleypas J, Obura D, Corcoran E, de Goeij JM, Felis T, Harding S, Mayfield A, Miller M, Osuka K, Peixoto R, Randall CJ, Voolstra CR, Wells S, Wild C, Ferse S ·
1 July 2021

This document is the work of a team assembled by the International Coral Reef Society (ICRS). The mission of ICRS is to promote the acquisition and dissemination of scientific knowledge to secure the future of coral reefs, including via relevant policy frameworks and decision-making processes.

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2020 Mississippi Rivers Report Card Methods (Page 1)

2020 Mississippi River Watershed Report Card Methods Document

Heath Kelsey, Katie May Laumann, Vanessa Vargas-Nguyen, Sky Swanson, Steven Guinn, Dylan Taillie, Joe Edgerton, Andrew Elmore, Jane Hawkey ·
27 April 2021

This companion document to the 2020 Mississippi River report card contains information about data sources for all indicators, summary of analysis methods, and scoring details for each of the six America’s Watershed Initiative goals, and for two watershed wide indicators. Additional information regarding the goals is included to provide greater detail and discussion than is possible in the report card document.

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2020 Mississippi River Watershed Report Card (Page 1)

2020 Mississippi River Watershed Report Card

Kimberly Lutz, Frank Morton, Bob Beduhn, Joan Freitag, Stephen Gambrell, Steve Mathies, Dan Mecklenborg, Michael Reuter, David Simmons, Larry Weber (Chair), Heath Kelsey, Vanessa Vargas-Nguyen, Katie May Laumann, Steven Guinn, Sky Swanson, Jane Hawkey. and AWI Board of Directors: Kimberly Lutz, AWI Executive Director Bob Beduhn, HDR Inc. Sean Duffy Sr., Big River Coalition Joan C. Freitag, Hanson Professional Services Stephen Gambrell, Mississippi Valley Flood Control Association Teri Goodmann, City of Dubuque, Iowa Steve Mathies, Stantec Consulting Services Dan Mecklenborg, Ingram Barge Company Frank Morton, Turn Services LLC Rachel Orf, National Corn Growers Association Michael Reuter, The Nature Conservancy Rainy Shorey, Caterpillar, Inc. Robert “Bob” Sinkler, Streamside Systems Inc, and Dawson & Associates BG (Ret.) C. David Turner, American Water Military Services Group Kirsten Wallace, Upper Mississippi River Basin Association Larry Weber, University of Iowa ·
10 December 2020

Stretching across 31 US states and 2 Canadian provinces, America’s Watershed benefits millions of people and thousands of communities. It supports our many economic activities while remaining a natural and recreational treasure of global importance.

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Understanding Responses to Global Change (Page 1)

Understanding Responses to Global Change

International collaborations for practical outcomes

Vanessa Vargas-Nguyen, Yesenia Valverde, Jane Hawkey, Bill Dennison, Heath Kelsey, Katie May Laumann, Sky Swanson ·
6 November 2019

The Tripartite Valorization Workshop was convened by the Belmont Forum and facilitated by the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science in Washington DC on 8-10 December 2018. It served as the-end term meeting for the Food Security and Land Use Change Collaborative Research Action (CRA), and mid-term meetings for the Arctic Observing and Science for Sustainability and Mountains as Sentinels of Change CRAs.

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Maryland Sea Level Rise: Projections for Maryland 2018 (Page 1)

Sea Level Rise: Projections for Maryland 2018

Boesch, DF, Boicourt WC, Cullather RI, Ezer T, Galloway GE Jr, Johnson ZP, Kilbourne KH, Kirwan ML, Kopp RE, Land S, Li M, Nardin W, Sommerfield CK, and Sweet WV ·
11 January 2019

In fulfillment of requirements of the Maryland Commission on Climate Change Act of 2015, this report provides updated projections of the amount of sea-level rise relative to Maryland coastal lands that is expected into the next century. These projections represent the consensus of an Expert Group drawn from the Mid-Atlantic region.

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Yucatán State Report Card 2017 (Page 1)

Yucatán State Report Card 2017

Ize I, Guerra A, Zugazagoitia A, Kelsey H, Hawkey J, ·
2 August 2018

The first Yucatán Coast Report Card was released in April 2018, by the Laboratorio Nacional de Resiliencia Costera (LANRESC), in Sisal, Yucatán Mexico. The report card illustrates the unique connections of groundwater to important coastal resources and values through porous rock and a system of underground waterways. The report card scores indicators for biodiversity, habitat, and water resources.

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Practitioner's Guide to Developing River Basin Report Cards

Costanzo S, Blancard C, Davidson S, Dennison W, Escurra J, Freeman S, Fries A, Krchnak K, Sherman J, Thieme M, Vargas-Nguyen V ·
17 September 2017

Developed in partner with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as part of the Healthy Rivers for All initiative, the Practitioner's Guide to Developing Basin Report cards is a reference and resource for the user– government or non-profit employees, development officials, basin managers, private sector representatives, community organizers, academics, journalists, and any and all interested in the health and future of freshwater resources.

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Costa del Estado de Yucatán (Page 1)

Costa del Estado de Yucatán

Heath Kelsey, Jane Hawkey ·
23 October 2016

La costa de Yucatán, en el NE de México, que limita con el Golfo de México, apoya una alta biodiversidad de plantas y animales, así como importantes actividades pesqueras y de turismo. Sin embargo, el rápido crecimiento de la región en términos de desarrollo costero está poniendo una inmensa presión sobre estos recursos naturales.

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