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The stage is set for the

Scrooge and the Report Card

Bill Dennison ·
17 January 2017
Environmental Report Cards | Science Communication | 

At the conclusion of a 9-11 Nov. 2016 workshop in Annapolis titled "Integrating systems modeling and report card development to improve basin health & manage trade-offs". I was able to convince the participants to act out a play that I wrote for the occasion. The play was entitled "Scrooge and the Report Card", loosely based on the classic "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. The list of actors was the following:

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Front row, from left: Vanessa Vargas (UMCES), Louise Gallagher (LHI), Michele Thieme (WWF), Andrea Betancourt (LHI), Karin Krchnak (WWF), Bill Dennison (UMCES), Cesar Suarez (WWF-Colombia). Credit: Alexandra Fries

Integrating system dynamics modeling and report cards workshop

Bill Dennison ·
12 January 2017
Environmental Report Cards | Applying Science | 

On 9-11 November 2016, a workshop entitled "Integrating systems modeling and report card development to improve basin health & manage trade-offs" was held in Annapolis, Maryland. The systems modeling and the report card approach have a shared philosophy of stakeholder engagement as being the foundation to improving river health globally. Both approaches are also driven by synthesis of scientific data.

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(top) The official banner of CommOCEAN 2016, credit: and (bottom) the historic Market Square of Bruges, credit: Vanessa Vargas.

IAN attends CommOcean 2016 in Bruges, Belgium

Vanessa Vargas-Nguyen ·
23 December 2016
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On December 6th to 7th 2016, Heath Kelsey and I represented the Integration and Application Network (IAN) at the 2nd International Marine Science Communication Conference (CommOcean) in Bruges, Belgium. The conference took place at the Provincial Court on the Market Square in the heart of the medieval Bruges, a historic UNESCO heritage site. It was my first trip to Europe, and my first conference to attend as both an IAN graduate student and session speaker.

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Flyer for the Upper Mississippi River Basin Raise the Grade Conference.

Raising the Grade for the Upper Mississippi River Basin

Heath Kelsey ·
8 December 2016
Environmental Report Cards | Applying Science | 

The 2016 Upper Mississippi River Basin Conference in Moline, Illinois had a special theme of “Raising the Grade” this year, which was shaped by the Mississippi River Watershed Report Card which UMCES developed with America’s Watershed Initiative last year. The Upper Mississippi River got a “C” grade in the report card, and although the grade was the highest of all the basins, it is not good enough in the eyes of the regional stakeholders.

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Ribbon cutting to open the new Water Center.

The Basin Report Card Initiative goes to Monterrey, Mexico!

Heath Kelsey ·
2 December 2016
Environmental Report Cards | 

The University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Basin Report Card Initiative (BRCI) partnership visited Monterrey Mexico to attend the opening of the Water Center at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, and to meet with the FEMSA foundation and Water Center about the potential for report cards for the Rio Bravo, Rio Conchos, and Monterrey areas…

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Ecosystem Health Report Cards developed for India

A visit to Bhitarkanika National Park, Odisha, India

Heath Kelsey ·
29 November 2016
Environmental Report Cards | 

In 2014 IAN visited India to help the Ministry of Environment and Forests develop the Chilika Lake Report Card in Odisha, and a Report Card for the Jamnagar Marine National Park and a Cumulative Environmental Impact Assessment for the Gulf of Kachchh in Gujarat. Report cards developed for India … This time we are back to Odisha, to Bhitarkanika National Park, in the northern part of the state.

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Meeting with the Secretary.

Growing governance in Guanabara Bay

Alexandra Fries ·
10 November 2016
Environmental Report Cards | Science Communication |     1 comments

On October 4th, Dave Nemazie and I traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the third set of meetings to work on the Guanabara Bay Report Card. We presented the draft report card and report card website at the INEA (State Environmental Institute) offices to Andre Correa, the Secretary of the Environment for the State of Rio. On October 5th, we met with the secretary and his cabinet as well as other groups working on Guanabara Bay Restoration.

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Participants at the ABMI Science communication course in Edmonton, Alberta. Photo: Caroline Donovan.

Communicating science effectively—working through environmental report cards

Brianne Walsh ·
3 November 2016
Environmental Report Cards | Science Communication | Applying Science | 

In September, Simon Costanzo, Caroline Donovan, and I traveled to Edmonton, Alberta for a science communication course sponsored by the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI). Participants had a diverse range of backgrounds and expertise, including researchers, planners, GIS analysts, communicators, and managers.

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