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Chester River

Water quality monitoring with the Chester River Association

Jane Thomas ·
13 July 2009
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Last Wednesday, IAN went out with the Chester River Association on one of their weekly water quality monitoring trips on the Chester River. You know what they say - a bad day in the field is better than a good day in the office. And this was a great day in the field! Chester River … The Chester River Association measures a suite of water quality parameters (dissolved oxygen, salinity, temperature, etc.) at a range of sites both upstream and downstream from Chestertown.

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2008 Coastal Bays Health Index Map

EcoCheck and the Maryland Coastal Bays Program release Coastal Bays Report Card

Adrian Jones ·
8 June 2009
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The report card gives the Maryland Coastal Bays a C-plus for ecosystem health in 2008. The study measured distinct differences in ecosystem health throughout the shallow bays behind Ocean City and Assateague, with southern regions such as Chincoteague Bay ranking higher than western tributaries such as the St. Martin River and Newport Bay. The Coastal Bays Report Card provides a scientifically robust – and geographically detailed –assessment of ecosystem health.

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